Peak Running Guided Run: 'Edge Hopping'

Photos from a guided run organised by Peak Running. Entitled 'Edge Hopping', this was a circular route of around 12 miles starting and finishing in Hathersage.

A challenging route with around 2000 feet of elevation. Part of the 'Derbyshire Wayfarer' series of guided runs. 

"'Wayfarer' runs are fun days out on the Derbyshire trails, usually somewhere spectacular in the Peak District. The typical format is a long run with one or two refreshments stops along the way, often at local pubs or cafes."

Please feel free to use and share these photos as you like, but if you do so I would kindly ask you credit me, please.

On Instagram I am @mehulvaitha and on Facebook, I am @Mehul Vaitha Photography. Anywhere else you can simply type 'Photo credit: Mehul Vaitha'.

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